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Real life can be complicated. The attorneys at Mette, Evans & Woodside recognize that each family’s estate plan must be tailored to meet their unique needs. Our attorneys take the time to understand our clients’ circumstances and using estate planning tools, carefully design a plan that will long term help maximize asset protection and minimize tax obligations.

We can address any number of legal issues pertaining to your estate or trust including succession planning, wills and living wills, power of attorney, charitable and educational trusts. Our attorneys also have extensive backgrounds in tax matters and can create trusts and plans that take into consideration tax implications.

  • Estate And Succession Planning
  • Elder Law
  • Wills and Living Wills
  • Power of Attorney
  • Irrevocable & Revocable Trusts
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Charitable and Educational Trust

Planning for Children & Older Adults

During the estate planning process there can be a number of legal issues that can impact both children and older adults. The attorneys at Mette, Evans & Woodside are fully equipped to provide legal services to establish guardianship, Medicaid or long-term care planning, as well as special needs planning.

  • Guardianship for Minor Children
  • Revocable & Irrevocable Trusts
  • Funding Trusts
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Special Needs Planning
  • Trusts for Minors
  • Elder Law and Medicaid Planning

Long Term Care Planning

An issue that arises for older adults is Medicaid and long-term care. The attorneys at Mette, Evans and Woodside can assist seniors and their families with long-term care planning, including whether Medicaid eligibility may be an option.


Establishing a guardianship may be necessary for either children or an adult family member. Family members can petition the court to name a guardian in situations where an adult is not capable of making decisions or when a child with disabilities reaches adulthood. Whether permanent or temporary it establishes an individual who is given the legal authority to act on behalf of another person. Guardians are responsible for day-to-day living issues, expenses and health care.

Special Needs Trusts

When caring for someone with special needs it can be disconcerting to consider how they will be taken care of when you are no longer able to. Establishing a special needs trust can relieve that burden of worry. The attorneys at Mette, Evans & Woodside can assist with setting up a special needs trust that allows for government benefit eligibility to be preserved, while providing assets to meet the financial needs of the trustee.

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