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Motorcycle accidents are in many ways similar to, but share unique differences when compared to car accidents. As with any motor vehicle accident, you are likely facing a complexity of issues involving physical injuries, medical treatment, lost wages, and property damage. Insurance carriers will do everything in their power to make receiving compensation for injured motorcyclists difficult. This is why finding the right Harrisburg motorcycle accident attorney to represent your case is essential for injured riders.

At Mette, Evans & Woodside, we pride ourselves on the work of our talented attorneys and the proactive approach we take to meeting the needs of our clients. We provide comprehensive legal services for individuals seeking our counsel. We take the time to explain the process and answer all their questions.

If you or a loved one have been in a motorcycle accident, schedule a consultation with our motorcycle accident lawyers to learn more about your opportunities for compensation and begin building your case.

Why You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Even with almost a million registered motorcycles in Pennsylvania, motorcycle accidents make up a relatively small percentage of accidents on Pennsylvania highways. However, motorcycle accidents make up a disproportionately high percentage of serious injuries and deaths to riders. Motorcyclists are often pushed into accepting blame even if the accident was not their fault. Recovering compensation following a crash can be difficult without the assistance of an experienced attorney. If you have been injured in a crash, your lawyer will help you pursue options for compensation.

Motorcycle insurance policies do not include personal injury protection coverage by default. Many insurance companies don’t even offer it for motorcycles. If you lack personal injury insurance or your motorcycle accident is exempt from its coverage, you may struggle to pay for your medical bills. This can be even harder if you cannot get back to work due to your injuries.

Being aware of the laws and your rights as a motorcyclist in Pennsylvania will help you receive the compensation you deserve. If you contact a lawyer immediately after your accident, they can begin to collect the evidence needed to build your case.

Each case is different, and the damages vary, but your lawyer is dedicated to helping you recover compensation for your losses, including medical bills and any property damage.

How a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Will Help

To help build your claim, your motorcycle accident lawyer will:

  • Collect evidence and reconstruct the accident scene
  • Review medical records and police reports
  • Contact the insurance companies on your behalf
  • Gather witness statements
  • Investigate the other motorist’s driving history

Why Mette, Evans & Woodside

Experience matters when searching for the right lawyer to represent your case. Insurance adjusters might try to make a low settlement offer or blame you for your injuries. A reputable motorcycle accident lawyer will use their legal experience and training to negotiate a better offer to ensure you receive fair compensation.

Mette, Evans & Woodside was organized in 1969 and has become one of the largest law firms in Central Pennsylvania. Our team does more than respond to your issues; we provide the support you need and help you navigate the stressful legal process while healing from the accident.  And by focusing on a limited number of cases at a time, we are uniquely positioned to ensure that your claim is handled personally by our attorneys.

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