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Firm Overview

Mette, Evans & Woodside was organized in 1969 and has grown to become one of Central Pennsylvania’s larger law firms. Located in Harrisburg, PA, the firm’s practice extends throughout Pennsylvania and into New Jersey.

Founding attorney, the late Howell Mette, explained the firm’s approach:

“We do our very best to help each client. We take a proactive approach, rather than just responding to a client’s stated issues. We’re prepared to suggest alternate courses, as well as identify ancillary problems.


As attorneys these issues are a common process, for our clients it’s often a once in a lifetime experience. We need to take the time to explain and give them answers when they don’t know what the questions are. Being able to help solve clients’ problems is our greatest reward.”

Geographic Regions Served

Harrisburg • Lancaster • York • Philadelphia • Pittsburgh • State College • Altoona • New Jersey

Local Counsel Services

In Pennsylvania, local rules and customs in the Commonwealth vary making representation of clients confusing for lawyers from outside of the state. If you have a legal matter in Pennsylvania, it may be necessary to retain local counsel to ensure that your client is afforded the best representation.

Mette, Evans & Woodside’s extensive experience in Pennsylvania law, including practice before all state and federal courts, allows us to provide services to counsel from outside the Commonwealth to achieve the best results for their clients. We offer an understanding and insight into Pennsylvania law that can assist you in representing your clients whether their issues arise from litigation, real estate transactions, banking, corporate filings, environmental matters, professional licensure, taxation, doing business with the Commonwealth, or estates and trusts.

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We pride ourselves on our ability to bring together talented attorneys with outstanding reputations and proven results in different areas of the law.


Our attorneys take a proactive approach to anticipating our client’s needs. We provide comprehensive legal services for businesses and individuals.

Informational Videos

This series of videos, featuring our firm’s attorneys along with other legal experts, answers frequently asked questions on a variety of legal topics.