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Child Support in PA

Calculating payment in Pennsylvania depends on several factors, which include:

  • Relative incomes. Child support is calculated with respect to the parent’s relative after-tax incomes, also referred to as the “income shares” model. A parent with a larger income will pay more than a parent with a smaller income.
  • Physical custody schedule. Typically, support is paid by the parent with less custody to the parent with primary custody (considered to be whoever has more than 50% of the overnights). However, even if you and your former partner equally share custody, you still may be responsible for paying child support.
  • The number of children.The exact amount depends on the number of children. The number of other children each parent has custody of can affect the total, too.
  • Additional expenses. Additional expenses, such as private school fees, health insurance costs, etc. can affect the final amount.
  • Because of a law change in 2019, alimony is determined before child support. If the parent with a higher income also has primary custody of a child, that could result in an offset payment.

Calculating the exact support amount depends on a wide range of factors. It can be beneficial to have an experienced child support lawyer who understands the system to guide you through this process.

Why File an Order with the Court?

You are not required to have a support order on file in Pennsylvania. However, the court can only enforce an official order. You cannot collect any past due amount should an informal arrangement with the other parent break down.

That’s why discussing your options with a child support attorney is important. They can help ensure you get the money you need to care for your child.

Modifying Child Support

If you or the other parent has had a change in financial circumstances, such as a job change, you can request a modification of the court order. A qualified family law attorney can help ensure your modification request is successful.

How Do You Enforce Child Support in PA?

If the other parent hasn’t or isn’t paying child support, you can take legal action and file an enforcement action with the court. A judge will then hold a hearing to determine what, if anything, is owed.

Hiring a child support lawyer helps ensure that the enforcement action is well-written and properly filed. This will help you get the support amount you’re owed.

Why Hire a Child Support Attorney?

Whether you are filing a new, seeking to change an existing one or filing to enforce a previous one, an attorney can help make sure your case is properly represented. The child support system can be confusing, and a lawyer can make navigating it simpler.

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