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Attorney Aaron Martin’s First Amendment Win Against Bucks County DA, Gains Recognition

by | Jan 26, 2024 | Industry News, Latest News, Martin, Aaron D

Attorney Aaron Martin of Mette, Evans & Woodside recently secured a permanent injunction on behalf of a client against the District Attorney of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

This case involves the Educator Discipline Act, a state law that controls how the Pennsylvania Department of Education investigates and prosecutes misconduct complaints against teachers and other school staff. The law’s confidentiality provision makes it a misdemeanor to disclose the existence of a state complaint or any information about it unless and until discipline is imposed.

Attorney Martin’s case and recent First Amendment win has gained significant recognition from the media, including a Washington Post article entitled, A Pennsylvania law shields teacher misconduct complaints. A judge ruled that’s unconstitutional.

Link to attorney Aaron D. Martin’s bio