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How do I begin the process of business succession planning?

Succession planning rarely implements itself automatically, the first step should be contacting an attorney with succession planning experience.

farm transition

The Use of Windfall Gain Agreements in Farm Transition Planning

The importance of farm transition planning has become increasingly understood and accepted by the agricultural community. 

estate planning young families

The Importance of Estate Planning for the Younger Generation

A successful transition of the family operation and assets to the younger generation is a significant accomplishment, typically marked by a great deal of time and effort.

Stepped-Up Basis Considerations in Farm Transition Planning

“Basis” is a tax term used to describe an owner’s financial investment in a property. When that property is sold, the basis is the gauge for determining whether there is gain or loss from the sale and the resultant income tax consequences of the transaction, if any.

Choice of Business Entity for Agricultural Operations

The question of whether to form a legal entity to manage and run your agricultural operation is often a major concern for farmers.

Responding to Cell Tower and Similar Lease Offers

Since agricultural land, almost by definition, is located in rural, sparsely-populated areas across the state, often in townships with loose, or even no, zoning requirements, many such landowners will be approached by a telecommunications company to lease a small portion of their land to construct a cellular tower and related equipment.