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Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

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Tracy understands that anyone can face financial difficulty for reasons beyond their control. Whether your business was impacted by the pandemic, you lost a job, are struggling with medical bills, or divorce has left you carrying more debt that you can manage, you have options. Debt does not have to ruin your life.

She also understands that many individuals managing crippling debt may feel embarrassed and guilty, leaving them stuck with a mountain of obligations – often accumulating additional debt to pay ongoing bills, feeling too ashamed to seek help and perpetuating the vicious cycle.

If you are facing financial difficulty, you don’t have to go it alone. Bankruptcy can offer an opportunity to rebuild your financial health and your confidence. Making the decision to file for bankruptcy is not easy and the financial pressure can be overwhelming. Tracy, our bankruptcy attorney in Harrisburg, PA helps clients explore their options and understand the best path forward.

“I like being able to help people get a fresh financial start, provide the necessary resources to stay on a solid financial path, rebuild their confidence and reduce stress.” – Tracy Updike, Esq.

What Can Tracy Do for You?





Car Repossessions


Wage Garnishment





Credit Card Debt


Medical Bills


Certain Income Taxes


Payday Loans



Your Home


Your Car


Your Retirement



Your Stress!

Bankruptcy Law

Tracy will help you determine the approach that makes sense for your circumstances.

Chapter 7

Available to individuals and companies. Called “liquidation” but usually nothing is sold. Debt discharged without monthly payments.

Chapter 11

For companies and high asset/debt individuals. Allows debtor to remain viable through a reorganization of debt through payments.

Chapter 12

Must be a family farmer or commercial fisherman to qualify. Applies to both individual and business farm debts. Chapter 12 involves a reorganized repayment plan.

Chapter 13

For individuals with regular wages. Chapter 13 allows for a reorganization of debts including payment of delinquent mortgages and taxes while limiting unsecured debt.

Dedication. Respect. Compassion.

Experienced and Compassionate Bankruptcy Representation in Harrisburg, PA.

Tracy Updike is an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Harrisburg, PA with a J.D from Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles, CA. She has almost two decades of bankruptcy experience representing both debtors and creditors. Because of this, Tracy recognizes the value of client relationships and she builds those relationships by giving clients personal attention, the respect they deserve, and the tools and information necessary to make the best decision for their circumstances.

Tracy provides free informational sessions in the community about financial restructuring and bankruptcy. She is also a frequent lecturer on bankruptcy topics at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute and for the Middle District Bankruptcy Bar Association.

“Bankruptcy is a life altering experience. Tracy is a real warrior. I am just finishing my Chapter 13 case and she is an absolute blessing – I HIGHLY recommend Tracy L. Updike, Esq.”  – Randall

…”I walked in to meet Tracy feeling like a low number, but when I walked out I was as HUMAN BEING! My life was not over, this was NOT The worst thing that could happen. There is life after bankruptcy! And a lawyer can be compassionate, kind, knowledgeable and treat you with dignity!” – Regina

“Bankruptcy is frightening. Tracy made it bearable. She was straightforward, easy to interact with, and did an outstanding job. She has a friendly demeanor, vast knowledge of the law and a genuine desire to do well for her clients.” – Sherry

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Don’t let shame or stigma hold you back from taking steps to regain control of your debt.

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