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Mette, Evans & Woodside Names Three New Shareholders

by | Jan 23, 2017 | Latest News, Martin, Aaron D, Wetzel, Jennifer Denchak


Melanie Vanderau, Jennifer Denchak Wetzel & Aaron Martin

Mette, Evans & Woodside announced that three attorneys with the law firm have become Shareholders as of January 2017. Attorneys Melanie VanderauJennifer Denchak Wetzel and Aaron Martin were named as Shareholders.

Aaron Martin provides legal counsel in a number of areas including: corporate and commercial litigation, business law and estates and trusts. Jennifer Denchak Wetzel is dedicated to serving the legal needs of Pennsylvania’s farm and agri-business community. Melanie Vanderau’s practice focuses in Banking Law and Business Law, working with clients from all types of financial institutions throughout Pennsylvania.

Mette, Evans & Woodside has a long-standing tradition of providing comprehensive legal representation for businesses, individuals and municipalities. The firm serves clients throughout Pennsylvania. More information is available at