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Operators' Defense

Mette, Evans & Woodside is proud to provide specialized counsel and representation to state-certified water and wastewater facility operators.

Certified Operators are subject to unique legal challenges created by the Water and Wastewater Systems Operators' Certification Act (63 P.S. § 1001 et seq.) and regulations developed by the Department of Environmental Protection (Title 25, Chapter 302).

Randall Hurst, a wastewater operator with over two decades of practical experience and extensive environmental law experience, leads our specialized practice group of experienced attorneys.

Our Operators' Defense Practice charges an affordable annual fee that gives our clients access to comprehensive representation with respect to the Certification Act and other regulations. Clients can seek legal counsel without worrying about hourly legal fees. †

  • † Certain limitations apply. Subject to the restrictions as stated in the retainer agreement.

Operators Defense Attorney

Randall G. Hurst

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