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Real Estate Transactions & Litigation

Individuals, as well as business clients, rely on the attorneys at Mette, Evans & Woodside to safeguard their best interests when it comes to real estate transactions. Our attorneys provide legal representation for buyers and sellers in commercial or residential transactions to help protect our clients' interests.

Buying or selling real estate requires careful consideration since the transaction has long-term legal and financial implications. Our attorneys will carefully review the contracts and transaction documentation, to ensure that your legal rights are protected and advise you of your obligations.

Real Estate Litigation
Real estate transactions involve the law of real property, which is unique and can involve issues that require an experienced real estate lawyer who is trained to deal with these problems.

The attorneys at Mette, Evans and Woodside provide legal services to individuals and business entities that are involved in real estate disputes. Our expertise includes real estate contract disputes, mortgage foreclosures, construction defects, title disputes, real estate fraud claims and other real estate litigation matters.

Real Estate Contract Disputes • Mortgage Foreclosures • Construction Defects • Title Disputes • Real Estate Fraud Claims • Purchase & Sale Of Commercial Real Estate • Easement / Boundary Disputes • Commercial Landlord / Tenant Matters • Adverse Possession • Quiet Title • Ejectment • Lis Pendens Disputes

Real Estate Transactions & Litigation

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