Estate Planning Booklet

Our goal at Mette, Evans & Woodside is to provide our clients with resources to help guide them through the estate planning process. So, we created a Personal Information Booklet to help you get your estate planning started.

The booklet is designed to assist in documenting details about important information including: personal history, family, professional service providers, insurance policies, securities, real estate holdings and other assets. Recording comprehensive and accurate information for those who will be administering an estate is essential.

Each client and each estate plan is different. Work closely with clients to tailor a legal solution that meets their unique needs. Because estates, wills and trusts involve personal preferences and important choices, we encourage discussions with our clients, prior to drafting any documents.

Please remember that this booklet is not a legal document and is not a substitute for a Will or an estate plan. Please consult an attorney concerning estate planning.

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